The will of establishing an independent business, as a natural evolution of the cooperative society to which he belonged, led Mr. Mario Dolzan to set up TMG Impianti in 1976. The acronym TMG stands for Tecno Meccanica Galliera and it is a tribute to the very first location of the company: Galliera Veneta, a small town located about 45km northwest of Venice.

Over the years, the company developed and specialised in designing and producing a wide range of end-of-line automatic packaging systems suitable for different applications.

1976 - Tecno Meccanica Galliera establishment.
1977 - first case packing machine.
1979 - first layer palletizer.
1980 - new TMG logo.
1983 - first complete case packing and palletizing systems.
1986 - TMG world wide view, "special and unique" machines on end line packaging.
1987 - first palletizer's robot.
1990 - new TMG Impianti logo.
1992 - first anthropomorphic robot for the palletizing application.
1998 - new TMG headquater
2000 - new brand TMG Impianti.
2002 - Innovative know-how: TMG Impianti business in the world.
2004 - first rotary carton filler
2006 - Anniversary: 30 years of history
2009 - development of the first high speed carton former
2011 - 35th anniversary.
2013 – great achivement: 7000 packaging machines all over the world 

2014 - TUV Certification (ISO 9001 quality management system certification)