Italian experience in the end-of-line industry


Free to be… TMG Impianti

Established in 1976, TMG has been able to stand out in global markets thanks to continuous research and professional experience that allowed it to gain a qualified technological know-how, deriving from its installing countless end of line systems all over the world. Direct contact with customers is a chance of constant innovation of its packing machineries range, resulting progressively suitable for any need and different applications.

Innovation, dedication, expertise, reliability and an international vocation are TMG Impianti’s core

values. The very logo, representing a stylized carton, expresses the passion the company feels

for its work. TMG Impianti’s strength is rooted in tradition which is as important as designing and

developing reliable solutions. It is the ground on which the skills of the company’s engineers are grown, thus ensuring top quality service.

The products range comprises carton erectors, carton packers, carton sealers, palletisers, depalletisers and robots. These machines are often combined as to supply complete turnkey solutions of automated end-of-line packing systems.

Nowadays, TMG Impianti produces around 250 solutions a year and has installed more than 7000 automated packaging systems all over the world in more than 40 years.

Such relevant goal underlines the company’s strong presence – at world level – in the end-of-line packaging machine sector. If on the one hand, experience is highly cemented and able to meet the requirements of renowned international customers, on the other hand it is worth pointing out the great passion and the devotion of the people being the backbone of this recognized Italian company.

Thanks to the know-how developed in forty years of business, TMG’s products range is the perfect solution to meet the customer’s end of line packaging requirements.

TMG Impianti is specialized in handling bottles and containers, both glass and plastic (like PVC and PET) for the food sector, beverage (wine, juices, beer, etc.), chemical, home and care industry (shampoo, detergents, washing powders), and special applications such as mineral oil and edible oil. Another important industry where TMG Impianti is present is the “Big bags and sacks” is further important industry to TMG Impianti.

Expertise and advanced technical skills are the main features of TMG Impianti’s engineers who

study, design and develop customized solutions aiming at meeting even the most demanding

needs. Each unit is accurately examined. Advanced modular lines and complex systems

are designed. Day by day, the ambitions and aspirations of the company’s engineers contribute

to TMG Impianti’s constant evolution.

Focus on: FLEXPACK

During the recent past flex-pack system are growing as the better solution to pack solid food product; so packaging system market start to follow this orientation.

For this reason, TMG Impianti decided to face this challenge and planned an update of its offer for answering this trend. For this reason now TMG has a new proposal for palletizing new product such as bag, pillow, pouches, doypack, flowpack. TMG Impianti new system will packaging using American carton; it will follow client’s request and product physical property: the technical office will analyze the project evaluating the most adequate solution for the lot preformation. In particular there are two solutions for packing bags: stand-up or lay-down.

As said, TMG want to be a leading company in this new challenge, ready to follow this market trend and certain to answer all customer’s future request.